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Spray Tanned Girl By Pool

Most spray tans tend to make my skin feel itchy but this tan does great with my sensitive skin. Carla also offers products that can help maintain tanning longer and keep skin healthy.

Allison CLover of Spray Tansstars

Carla was great! She was very welcoming, friendly, and very helpful when it came down to the color I was wanting. I've had many spray tans before and everyone always say more $$ means better service. And I disagree. I've spent a little more on spray tans before and while they looked Great the first day, they did not last past 3-4 days! All that money gone down the drain. I was very happy with the outcome and my spray tan lasted 2 weeks! Highly recommend coming here. Best is Scottsdale!

Andrew N.Lover of Spray Tansstars

Bronzed by Bully is the best spray tanner in Scottsdale. Her technique is flawless and she takes her time making sure you look amazing when you walk out of her place.

Cali E.Lover of Spray Tansstars

Carla Is always accommodating!! Love her tanning solution. I never feel sticky after she sprays me. Love the color too!!

Joyce C.Lover of Spray Tansstars

Carla is the best! She's always upbeat and very detail oriented. The solution is the best I've ever had- no orange, no smell, lasts for an entire week! I will never use anyone else.

Kim S.Lover of Spray Tansstars

Carla was very thorough and professional. My tan was amazing and lasted a very long time

Jill B.Lover of Spray Tansstars

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